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My impressions

In general, I found this country awesome ! Its landscapes are gorgeous. My favorite view is the one with waterfalls, and for sure, the Niagara Falls ! I think Canada truly looks like the USA, like everything is bigger than in France (glasses, ovens, quantity of food to eat, cereal boxes, etc) and they eat fatty too ! There, I discovered Timbit’s, fudges, ginger ale (a pop) and Reeses (Chocolate with peanut butter in it). And in both countries, chocolate and cheese are expensive. However, I noticed Canadian people are really+ nicer than American people ! If you speak to somebody even if you don’t really know him, for whatever reason, the discussions will start by « -Hello ! How are you ? -Hi ! Fine, and you ? -Fine ! ». Besides there is a thing that was really helpful for me sometimes : every boxes or food bags are written in English and in French for Quebec.

I spent the best year of my life there. I discovered an other language, an other culture, others kinds of foods : an other way of life. So, if one day you can take a gap year and go abroad, never hesitate and go ahead ! Something I find really cool now : I understand the English songs and comedy shows !

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